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Little JoJo is a curious and introverted young whippersnapper with a wildly colorful imagination, and a love for everything artistic. Sometimes, though, he's just a BRAT. However, Mom is always nearby to keep him grounded, and to help him see things he may have missed while he takes the world as it comes. From his funny teeth to his creative world-view, Little JoJo is inspired by the young lives of the dad, the brother, himself, and soon-to-be son of the author, Damon Renthrope.

Little JoJo Superstar is the first in a collection of children's picture books written and illustrated by Damon Renthrope, an award-winning artist living in Southern California. In each story, Little JoJo gains some eye-opening new perspectives, while WE may find a few gems along the way. Written for children 3 and up, Little JoJo Superstar is made for parents to recognize more advanced concepts in the wording and imagery, that could be fun to teach young children. Meanwhile, the book remains easy to follow, with lots of fun colorful illustrations, and a relatable character with funny hair.

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